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Spotlight Premiere: Anna Goryacheva on Her Latest Single "Glass Etude"

Anna Goryacheva

Anna Goryacheva is established as a charismatic soloist, praised for performances of deep musical expression, artistry, sparkling technique, and captivating interpretations.

Welcome to Spotlight Music LA, Anna! We're so pleased to have you with us today! Can you share with us the backstory that led you to this career path?

I was exposed to various arts from a very early age — music, theater, pop culture, and television — I was growing up surrounded by an artistic atmosphere. At the age of nine, I made my orchestra debut abroad — in the concert tour in Hungary — and later appeared as a soloist with orchestras throughout Europe. Constant performing, competing, and meeting famous people from the classical music world were inspiring and convinced me to dedicate my life entirely to a musical career.

Your talent is really something special and it's showcased all over this beautiful instrumental "Etude No.9." What sparks the first idea to start creating something this special?

Thank you so much for having me! As a classical pianist, I often work more with composers from the past era (Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, and the like) than with living ones. My new single is a beautiful instrumental track composed by one of the most influential musicians of the twenty-first century, American composer Philip Glass, best known for his minimalist compositions. I am happy I discovered a new path in classical piano music; it is essential for me as an artist to try something that I have never performed before, as experimenting with new styles is important for my artistic development.

Why did you decide to record this particular piece and how did Philip Glass influence you to bring this record to life?

Now that I’ve performed music of composers from the past and living ones, I have discovered how infinitely flexible contemporary composers are and how open they are to exploring new paths in music. Once I found this work, I was amazed at how it slowly escalates and envelopes you; it resonated with me immediately.

We love this record's emotion behind it, what gets you creatively flowing when trying to create a masterpiece like this? Can you elaborate more on your personal creative process?

This particular piece, Etude No. 9, put me in a hypnotic, meditative mood, which I have never experienced performing traditional ‘classical’ music. Recording this piece was an artistic experiment, and I’m passionate about highlighting the work of Philip Glass. It is a pleasure to discover and perform modern music and celebrate its beauty.
As an instrumental track, it leaves a lot open to interpretation. What do you picture when listening to the final version of this track and why?

Yes, when you hear one of Philip Glass' etudes, you'll probably come up with your own picture. The Philip Glass etudes' texture is like peering into an ample space; I would even call it a universe. From a distance, you can sense the atmosphere, mood, and the colors of the harmonies. The best part about Glass' etudes, in general, is that they lend themselves to endless metaphors, and "Etude No 9" is one of them. I felt very free and open in terms of interpretation, and as an artist, I enjoyed this freedom of being creative while performing this piece, as I could fully express myself. This piece is based on repetitive sounds and rhythms, an excellent example of Glass/ minimalist style; its simplicity and emotion behind it reflect today’s uncertain times.
What's next?
Highlights of my upcoming season include featuring works by Philip Glass, my upcoming single, “I'm going to make a cake”, - wonderful music from “The Hours” soundtrack is set to release on May 7th. Also, I am currently recording my debut solo album, Summer Nights, which is built around the works of Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Satie, and Debussy; you can expect it to be released this summer.

To connect with Anna please visit her official website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

To listen to "Glass Etude" follow her on Spotify.

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