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  • Frank Naginsky

Piano Icon Chloe Flower Releases Her Debut Album

Chloe became widely famous back in 2019 when she shared the Grammys stage with rapper Cardi B. She then signed with Sony Classical and released various works including Get What U Get (2019), No Limit (2019), and Flower Through Concrete (2019). (2020).

The Chloe Flower’s premiere album is divided into three acts: Innocence, Suffering, and Hope. She explains, "I wanted the album to be listened to from beginning to end, like an opera or film score, so I divided it into three "Acts." I open the album with a prelude I composed as a dedication to my Grammys performance with Cardi B. At the beginning of each Act, the legendary Deepak Chopra provides verbal remarks to help guide the emotional direction.

The album concludes with Popsical, a collection of the album's most popular tracks. I wanted it to feel like the final scene of an epic film, leaving you completely fulfilled and thrilled."

As much human emotion was the motivating force behind creating this record."

This album, which was recorded in her own apartment in New York, has been in the works for quite a while, but it wasn't until the global pandemic struck last year that things picked up speed.

Not being able to record in a proper studio setting studio was one of her most significant barriers: "It was difficult not to be in the studio with my producers, but It was a rewarding experience as it made me grow as a musician. I began composing piano music in an entirely new style during the lockdown. "

Chloe's unique music is distinguished by her ability to combine classical and Pop culture to create something unique. She describes this style as Popsicle; this name is also used as her album's last track's title.

Currently, Chloe is working on various projects; in her own words: "I'm very excited about my musical partnership with Krug, and I can share more about that with you very soon. I also remixed one of the songs from my album with the legendary Dionne Warwick."

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