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Sensational Violinist Esther Abrami Releases Self Titled Album

Sony Classical has released the self-titled debut album of French violinist Esther Abrami, who is currently based in the United Kingdom. The album features a wide range of styles, from Clara Schumann's classics to contemporary works by Alexis Ffrench and Rachel Portman's film scores.

Abrami hoped that this record would serve as a positive model for young ladies entering the classical music industry as well as broaden the repertoire written by female composers. On International Women's Day 2021, Clara Schumann's "Romance" and Annelie's "Tomorrows" were both released on the album.

The album also features Rachel Portman's Oscar-winning song "Chocolat," explicitly prepared for Esther, and Alexis Ffrench's upbeat and loving "Hope, Ascending," a new work composed by the classical-soul pioneer, composer, producer, and pianist. Esther explains, "I opted to perform many types of music to connect with everyone in my audience. As an artist, I don't want to be confined to a single genre of music. TikTok users aren't the same as individuals who've seen my films on YouTube or heard my recordings on the radio; they're a completely different demographic”.

Esther created her YouTube series "Women In Classical," taped at Abbey Road Studios, to commemorate International Women's Day in 2022 and to use her vast social network to elevate women's voices. Throughout the series, Esther speaks with different classical musicians who share their stories of triumph and adversity and their best recommendations for other women in the field.

Esther was one of five musicians featured in the Sky Arts TV program, Classic FM's Rising Stars, with Julian Lloyd Webber and Katherine Jenkins, one of the world's most successful classical singers. Her nomination in the Social Media Superstar category at the Global Awards was unprecedented for a classical performer. She has opened up her musical world to a new audience through TikTok and Instagram, where she has shared welcome practice and sight-reading videos and suggestions and tactics for aspiring young artists. Currently, she has more than 365k followers on TikTok, 243k Instagram followers, and 192k YouTube subscribers. TikTok even asked her to make a playlist in honor of National Classical Music Day.

Esther received a full scholarship to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire after completing her undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music. The Beare's International Violin Society kindly loaned Esther a Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin that she currently plays, astonishing fans around the globe with her incredible musical talent.

Being a sensation among young classical musicians of her generation, Esther has been named one of the '30 under 30 classical talents to watch' on Classic FM and one of the 'Rising Stars' by BBC Music Magazine. Esther has quickly established herself as an artist to keep an eye on outside of classical music, thanks to the acclaim she's already received for her debut album and the upcoming inclusion of more live performances.

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