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Vladimir Khomyakov releases a highly anticipated New Album “Romance.”

The pandemic created global challenges we have not experienced in the last century for everyone in the performance industry. Lockdown forced numerous artists, musicians, and dancers to urgently adjust their activities to new realities or sometimes go entirely out of business. On the other hand, many renowned musicians turned themselves into studio work during the hardest lockdowns. One of them — Vladimir Khomyakov, Ukrainian-born American concert pianist, based in Los Angeles, California — came up with a new album, “Romance,” which is something extraordinary you don’t want to miss.

“It was that hot pandemic summer of 2020 when the most massive lockdown was in place. Everyone was stuck at home and could not see each other when even the beaches were closed. I was on my own in my studio with my piano and suddenly decided to do something I had never done before — record an album right here, not at some fancy concert hall or studio, but on my instrument — the instrument that I’m living with and practicing in every day. There will be no massive passages and bombastic fireworks of chords and octaves — but an album of my favorite romantic miniatures, slim and beautiful, to tell the story of all those feelings and emotions during uncertainty and total silence. In the world of classical music.”

It is so rare in today’s world of the classical music industry when a particular recording affects a listener in such a profound way.

The CD is an ultimate collection of masterpieces by four iconic European composers — Johannes Brahms, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Robert Schumann. Known for his large-scale virtuosic pianism, this time, Khomyakov shows his lyrical face and takes us on an intimate romantic journey. The selection of pieces flows in one breath, from the first notes of Chopin’s Grand Valse till the last sigh of Schumann’s Romance. All of the tracks are perfectly balanced in moods, tonalities, and tempi, which is quite rare to hear in a classical album these days.

The middle cornerstones of the album — the dramatic and passionate Chopin’s Nocturne in C minor and Liszt’s Liebestraum (Love Dreams) — showcase excellent technique and control of the piano, sincere feeling and simple but genuine phrasing, without any extra-sweetness and unnecessary exaggeration. The simplicity and poetic mood of Chopin’s Waltz in C-sharp minor, Liszt’s Consolation, and Schumann’s Arabeske Are guaranteed to touch your heart. In two, Brahms’ Intermezzi — those that you would love to hear out of probably all composer’s works: the stunning A Major and B-flat minor — Khomyakov’s interpretation brings some unique freshness and delicacy to these famous works. Along with the audience’s favorites, several tracks were the real hidden treasure of the album — the rarely performed Chopin’s E-flat Major Nocturne Op.55 №2, with its beautiful Rachmaninoff-long melody skillfully traveling through harmonic challenges; and the closing track — Schumann’s Romance F-sharp Major, a fantastic example of composers’ refined minimalistic writing creating such powerful impression. “Romance” is an enchanting story about the thing you desire the most — from the first innocent dreams of youth through the blissful temptation to the calm happiness of true love. Each tender whisper and ecstatic exclamation uttered by the music will excite your imagination, arouse long-lost affections, and capture your heart. Wickedly passionate, with its mesmerizing blend of power and poetry, this recording will be a treat of pure romantic delight. You can listen to Vladimir Khomyakov’s new album. “Romance” on Spotify and Apple Music. To connect with Vladimir, please visit his official website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Chanel

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